Our Philosophy

Fine handcrafted pens for the discriminating client. Pocket jewelry which makes a personal statement.

Classic automobiles, tailored suits, fine leather purses and disposable writing instruments do not go together.

Mass produced pens from the likes of Cross, Parker or Mont Blanc send no message except that you follow the crowd.

Wear a pen which says something about you.

I am passionate about pens. I have collected them for years and now devote my time to customizing unique writing instruments to reflect the desires of my clients.
My goal is to provide every client with a pen which reflects his or her personality and status.

Great care is devoted to the choice of materials which make up our pens. Our palette is composed of an infinite variety of compositional elements, ranging from metals and exotic woods to space age plastics and composites. Each step of our process is carried out by hand, painstakingly matching tolerances as we design and engineer our art.

We pledge complete client satisfaction.

All pens are inspected for mechanical and material defects before leaving the workshop. If, upon receipt, you are not satisfied with the product, return it for a refund.

Bryan Field Pens.

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